Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Bubble: Locked Out Naked!

What a frustrating day! An initial plan of working out at the gym for an hour or the most two, turned into half-a -day. Reality was, I only worked out for an hour as intended but the rest …. it wasn’t a chilling time with friends over ‘teh-tarik’ I must say!

My super-motivated trip to the gym to resume my strength training turned sour. All because the gym locker provided to me refused to unlock … not even using the master key. What cheapskate gym lockers they have. When I first kept my gym bag, it was working fine. It was still working fine when I took out my toiletries before entering the shower. It’s as if someone’s playing a prank on me. Anyway, we found out later that many of the club members have had the same problem with gym lockers.

I had come out from shower all wrapped in a towel only and wanted to open the locker to get my change of clothes. To my surprise, the key just jammed inside the lock. You can pull it out and insert it back again repeatedly but you can’t turn it left or right to open that darn lock. I was lucky that my friend, Jane was at hand to call for the supervisor who came along with the master key. Unfortunately, her keys didn’t help either. We had to wait for her as she disappeared God knows where, to call for the maintenance guy to open it somehow. We waited, waited, waited … almost half-an-hour pass before we saw her again … without the maintenance guy!

When we asked her why it took so long, she just mumbled that she couldn’t locate the maintenance guy and wasn’t apologetic at all. For heaven sake, just pass me a damn hammer and I can break the lock myself! Oh noooooo, their management forbids. Else I’ll have to bear the cost of repair or replacement … what the heck! It’s not my fault that your locker jammed and it’s not my fault your maintenance guy is nowhere to be found!

Finally, it was almost an hour later before the maintenance guy came strolling in … with a smirk on his face. Before I could even put forth my question, he so casually mentioned that he was tied up at the golf driving range. What? The whole club has only one maintenance guy? Oh they dare to admit that they only have one maintenance guy on duty for Sundays.

Thank you Jane for staying put with me. Oh that’s right, you couldn’t go home without me … I was the driver and the car keys were in my gym bag … LOL!

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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I'm sorry you had such an experience, they should be more responsive to problems. They could have at least offered you a robe.

Did the maintenance guy have to remove the lock or did he loosen it with a spray lubricant?

I'm glad I stayed up late tonight! =)

Must have been a horrifying experience for ya, Wenny.

But the way you write, I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

I guessed you have already found some humour in the imperfections of reality!

I never trusted any of the lockers in the gym....bad experience!!!Some gyms used to practise the "bring your own pad-lock" policy, which is more practical.. Anyway, we do learn from experience, i guess...Cheers

Oh yes Shingo T. After everything that's occurred, I was writing and laughing with post. Glad it made you laughed!

Well, since hubby and I are much regulars there, they will be more careful of our needs in future. Else, they see me visiting the GM's office more frequently than usual.

It's great to have friends at the right places ... you get what I mean? ;)