Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Bubble: Medical Fashion’s Changing Trend

I’ve been watching a lot of the reruns of ER lately. No choice, since there aren’t any other interesting shows on whenever I’m free to hog the TV. I was never much of an ER fan back then during the 90’s. Only watched it once in awhile because of George Clooney. I was more of a Chicago Hope fan because I’m a big fan of Mark Harmon. I feel he looks so much more better than George Clooney. These days, I love catching him on NCIS. 

Anyway, still on the issue of medical dramas, I love watching Grey’s Anatomy too. I’d always looked forward to watching the ever ‘puppy-eyed’ Patrick Dempsey.

While watching all these medical dramas, I’ve actually made a somewhat fascinating discovery. Fashion-sense discovery actually … all their scrubs have evolved! All the medical scrubs seem to have turned more fashionable in Grey’s Anatomy. Already they have great looking doctors but with those fashionable medical uniforms and the nursing team in their modern nursing scrubs, I think making the trip to the hospital would’ve been much much more bearable. Even the scrub hats are so colorful and vibrant.

Too bad for our local hospitals here. I guessed their administration is still very old-schooled. When I had to visit the hospital , I find the doctors and nurses to be so unattractive and dull in their ultra-old-fashioned scrubs. Even the most handsome doctor doesn’t look appealing and it’s made worst with their lackadaisical attitude towards treating patients.

I can never imagine our local hospitals, irrespective government or private, to turn out like in those medical dramas. If ever it can, it’ll be a long long … loooooong time in the future!

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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I love ER and Grey's Anatomy.
I love their new scrubs hat but i guess only a surgeon specialist get the chance to wear fancy scrubs hat right?