Friday, July 2, 2010

My Bubble: Recipe For Dog Curry, Anyone?

Has anyone got a real nice recipe for Dog Curry? I'm going to cook that little Shih Tzu that goes by the name "BOWIE". I've been losing sleep becoz he whined endlessly in the middle of the night. This morning I woke up 3 times to reprimand him.  It was a challenge between him and me to the end ... he was definitely not letting up.  In the end, I couldn't spare the rod any longer!  Swish ... whack!  Cute he may be but being so sleep-deprived, I felt like chopping him into little pieces to make potato curry.

When Bowie first entered our lives, he seemed so helpless and lethargic ... so much so we thought he's an old dog. We found out later he's only 2 years' old and he's been getting bursts of energy eversince he was groomed to the skin. I guess that thick coat of long fur must've been too hot and heavy for him.

Tricked by his ever forlorn look, we had initially allowed him to sleep with us in our air-conditioned bedroom. However, his constant movements in the middle of the night kept us awake. His claws were quite noisy hitting the floor parquet. We then decided that he should sleep in the hall when we shifted into our new place. (He actually had a cosy little bed right outside our bedroom). Unfortunately this didn't go down well with him. He had stubbornly refused to leave our room at bedtime that we had to lure him out to his bed instead. Of late, we have to resort to a more drastic measure ... CANING. Then his whining episodes begin! URGHHH!!!

Anyway, he's been with us only slightly more than 2 months. So I'm going to give ample chances to behave and get used to our ways. Else, dog curry does sound too good to pass. Yum Yum!!

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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Oh my... I read the title and then I saw the photo and I thought:

Do you want to make curry from dog meat? O.o

hehe.. sorry.

Never use force on a dog especially a shitzu. It doesn't work. And caning your dog does not solve the issue. Try and train the dog with treats. Shitzu's are fiesty but they are very intelligent. They just love company.

Check out this site....
They do not have the recipe for the Shitzu Curry but they tell you how to manage them....Hee Hee

Treats? Oh, he's been getting plenty. So much so he knows how to ask for it! He won't do anything until he sees the treats in our hands ... 'no see no do'.

That's why I do agree that Shih Tzus are very intelligent dogs ... that's why hubby and me always get conned by Bowie. He's actually very well-trained by the previous owner. He just knows when to manipulate us.:(

oh no...don't make the dog into curry...give him more time to adjust :) good luck!

CANING!?! wow that is drastic. to do that to ur dog must hurt you. i mean, it's not like youre doing it willingly. oh the price people pay for pets. its good to have them though!

I thought you wanted to make a special curry dish to spoil your little doggy. =)

Sometimes, even if it hurts us to beat him, it is still the best if all else fails. This is only a last resort and it did make a difference ... he stopped whining after that and the next day too.

Like I've raise my son Nick, spare not the rod when necessary because you love him. Abuse not the rod because it becomes a different issue altogether. read this.. oh please don't cane your poor dog..