Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Bubble: Stylish Blogger Award

Me, a stylist blogger? I don't know about that but anyhow, my most sincere thanks to Rick of RicAdeMus-Waiting For Wisdom for giving me the Stylist Blogger Award.  I'm ever grateful that you'd even thought of me.

Come with this award, I will need to list down 5 random facts about myself and then share the award with other stylish bloggers.  Random?  Possible but it has to be interesting and this calls for a nut-cracker to crack my skull now.  Tick-tock-tick-tock ... tingggggg!  Oooooo ... a light-bulb just lighted over my head!

Well, here's the 5 random but hopefully interesting facts about myself:

1.  I love chillies ... any kind as long as they are hot ... the hotter the better.  Yeah super-hot ones!  I heard the hottest in the world is the Bhut Jolokia from India.  Hope to try it one day.

2.  I'm a pain in the *** to hubby and son coz I'm a compulsive clean and neat freak!

3.  I'm secretly training to enter a 10km run ... when?  Don't know yet ... when I have the guts.  Kakaka!!!

4.  I've got very good imagination ... sometimes too good for my own good.  Anyway, putting it to good use of late to earn some bucks!

5.  During my primary-school days, I remembered telling my classmates I had 21 sisters and 21 brothers ... WoW! my late mom would've been a super-baby-making machine!  Forgive me, I wasn't exposed to Biology lessons yet back then ... lolx!

There, that's it.  Phewww!  Next, I'm supposed to pass on this award to other stylish bloggers.  So the ones that immediately come to my mind are Krissy, Ejann, NicoLily Riani, Meeza and Rica.

So looking forward to your random facts!

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

5 Bubbles:

thank you so much!!! omgd i'm so bad at catching up with the awards :(

have to agree with the chillies. my goodness, before i moved to the new house a.k.a stop living with one of my best friends / house mate of 6 years, i asked her to make pickled chillies for me to bring to the new home.

basically she cuts all the cili padi and put them into nampla (or is it mampla? it's the fish thai sauce or something) and vinegar and garlic. ummm yum.

I wish someone in my house was a compulsive neat freak. I'm fighting a losing battle.

I like hot food too, but I don't think I'm ready for that killer chile! =)

I'm sure in a week or two I'll forget about the incident at the gym. But until then I'll be biting my tongue (fingers???) trying not to make any comments about it--even though it would be perfect here in a comment to a post on being stylish.

I'm so sorry!!! =)

Hey Doc Stiletto, I love pickled chillies too! Basically, anything's CHILLI ... I'm for it!

Hahaha!!! Rick, I didn't know my gym incident had such an effect on you. No big deal actually, after the maintenance guy sprayed some aerosol thingy on the lock, my relief already washed away all my tantrums. The changing room is air-conditioned too ... so there was no sweat. :)

Compulsive clean freak?That is good. Haha..i rather be with someone who is clean freak rather then lazy bump.

Lets train for our 10km.Yippie