Monday, July 5, 2010

My Bubble: To Have Or Not To Have … That’s The Question!

I know it’s really bad of me but I really can’t help but enjoyed the ridiculous banter between a couple which ended up with long faces between the two of them. The couple in question are my two good friends from way back when I first started my career in a bank. Dorothy and Francis had in fact been the culprits who had brought hubby and me together long time ago.

Dorothy and Francis had just bought their own 3-bedroom condominium that comes with a big balcony. Being an avid flower lover, Dorothy was thinking of putting up window flower boxes right on the balcony. I actually supported her idea because window plant boxes are indeed very beautiful. We tried getting Francis to look at the pictures available on a website that was selling these window boxes but he was adamant that they were totally unnecessary expenses. Instead he suggested buying a cross-trainer and putting it on the balcony … so that he can have a pleasant view while burning off his calories.

Plausible but of course, Dorothy did not agree as a cross-trainer would have cost a ‘bomb’. Both refused to let up on their individual ideas for the balcony. When I suggested that they do both, just to be fair … each gave me the piercing look, ready to swallow me up.  I surrendered!!

They argued continuously throughout our dinner get-together, each giving more and more silly excuses why the other’s idea is totally out of the question. At the end of our dinner, both went home sulking … some adults huh? Luckily they do not have any kids yet to witness their childishness.

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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LOL, you try to offer a helpful suggestion, but they won't listen. Too stubborn and entrenched in their views!