Friday, August 13, 2010

Law Of Attraction: How Do You Do That Manifesting A Miracle Stuff?

If time is money, what is the cost of living in your every day life in regards to time lost in moments of stress, worry, and then recovery time? The process of using deliberate creation, and the law of attraction, could result in a miracle every minute, to replace those lost moments of stress or anxiety. But how do you do that?

The more you can simplify the process of deliberate creation, the better. You don't have to try and envision a whole new life right now, with the zillion details.

Keep it simple, although that may not be easy. For example, to sit in front of the window in the morning with your tea or coffee, and truly relax, is not easy for most people. I know that I will start organizing thoughts about the day ahead of me, perhaps in a relaxed fashion. Then I will remember that I sat down to do nothing for a few minutes.

For a couple of minutes I'll be aware of my shoulders relaxing a little, and my breathing being nice and deep. To meditate just focusing on the breath does not usually stop thought. But it brings to awareness the predominant thought that keeps floating by. Something that maybe hasn't been paid attention to, brought to resolution. So I can then decide to take care of that issue, and relax again into breathing.

This is the start of the day. Work hours are set, most of the people I will interact with are predictable. What can I create in this day to resonate with the vibe of my ideal life? Not the details, the vibe, the feeling.

How can you manifest a miracle in your day? For a second that's an intimidating thought. In the ball-of-wax of work, income, kids, schools, mates, and increasing future obligations, where is today's miracle?

Today's manifestation of a miracle is feeling good, right here, right now. Looking out the window, or at a favorite painting, and just breathing. Every problem has a solution, even if you don't know what it is right now. Have faith that you will, and feel some relief.

If you could stop a few times every day and feel that relief, and relax a little you would be practicing deliberate creation. By merely establishing this habit of having some quiet moments and allowing yourself to reflect on your better feelings, you're giving yourself a cost of living raise - because those "stolen" moments are part of manifesting miracles.

For you to work moments into your day, every day, and replace feelings of worry and concern with feelings of just relief that you have a process to support your use of the law of attraction, IS a miracle in and of itself.

Authored by Dianne Buxton, a graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada. She taught art and choreographed for The National Ballet School, York University and George Brown College in Canada and taught at Harvard University in the U.S.
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