Friday, August 20, 2010

Law Of Attraction: I Saw God Today! Did You?

I saw God today! Did you? I see God every day and all the time. But what has God to do with The Law Of Attraction, you may ask?

I see God in every person, every animal, every plant and in every stone on the earth. I see God as Pure Light, Pure Love and Pure Life, penetrating all and everything.

Your life is a gift of Love from God, but you have also been given freedom. You are free to worship and you are free to destroy. You are free to be happy and you are free to feel miserable.

I see God within me and within you… All the time! I saw God today! Did you?

I will tell you from my point of view, about the connection between God and The Law Of Attraction, but first a sweet little story:

An old man died and came to God. When he stood in front of Gods throne, he asked:
“Where were You God, when I needed You most in my life, when I suffered most, when I could not manage myself?”
God answered him with a loving smile:
“I was always by your side, I never left you alone.”
The dead old man did not believe that and said:
“How come that when I look down at my footsteps on Earth, there are two pairs during the good times but only one pair during the bad times?”
“Well my precious and beloved child”, God answered, “it is because I carried you in my arms.”

God is always present even if it sometimes does not feels so.

When you realize that God is Pure Light, Pure Love and Pure Life penetrating you and everyone and everything, always - then you will understand that your natural condition is to be healthy, wealthy, loving and peaceful.

This is when The Law Of Attraction supplies you and makes your life prosperous and delightful.

When there is lack of health, wealth, love or peace in your life , it is caused by disconnection to God and the Pure Source of Light, Love and Life.

This is when The Law Of Attraction works against you. The purpose is not to be punished but to learn. Even then, God will still love you and carry you in his arms.

There are a few exceptions from this law. Enlightened persons that are fully spiritually cleansed and connected to God, can during a lifetime make a special sacrifice.

They can voluntary expose themselves to specific sufferings in order to make people around them learn. This offer is arranged in the spiritual world, before birth and can in most cases not be remembered.

Sometimes this is the case with disabled, handicapped, invalid or seriously ill persons that are depending on other people.

But most of the time anything can be healed and most of the time anyone can learn how to use The Law Of Attraction to live a happy and prosperous life. That is because God is within you as Pure Light, Pure Love and Pure Life.

I saw God today! Did you?

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I spotted Him in a cloud this week.

Yup Rick, I read it over at your blog. Everyone's gone spiritual this week, it's so surprising.

I felt God yesterday. He gave me calm and peace for a good night's slumber.