Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Bubble: 48 Hours To Make A Day ...

Seriously ... 24 hours a day is not enough! Time really flies when you are in the thick and thin of things ... and I've not yet included my chill-out time as a couch-potato!

My day normally begins at 8.00am with food preparation for Bowie. It could be something as simple as dog-biscuits or cooked rice or chopped apples with ground dog-biscuits. I try to give him a variety although he hates plain dog-biscuits the most. After his meal, he'll pee and poo before I cleaned him up. Sometimes, some grooming follows.

By the time I have my own cuppa for breakfast, it'll probably be around 10 or 11 in the morning. Am I spending too much time on Bowie or am I a slow-coach?

Of course, my notebook would have already been hooked to the internet the moment I woke up. Switched on the radio and put the clothes into the washer before I'd sit down with my cuppa to check my emails, the comments on my blog and catch-up on some of my regular blogrolls. By the time my stomach growls for food, it's already past lunch-time and I've not yet started on checking out new blogs.

Hey, what about house-cleaning and ironing??? Luckily I do them on weekly basis. Cooking is only for dinner and I keep it simple. On top of these, I've yet to step out of the house to visit my friends, have 'yum cha' sessions with them or go shopping or brush-up on my photography skills or worst, do cold calls for printing jobs!

The hours gone in a jiffy! It's 7.00pm ... dinner time. Next, it's time for the Idiot Box to catch CSI, Criminal Minds or NCIS on Astro. Oh gosh, my poem's not completed yet, my blog entry is not done up yet ...

Seriously, how can 24 hours suffice in a day?

12 Bubbles:

I wish that i hv more day than night .Let say 13 hrs day 11 hrs night. I wish that day will get dark only after 8pm so that i still can run at the lake after i finish work at 7pm.

what works for me was to get up early, set timer on the washer to start washing at 3am.

wake up at 6am, take out the laundry, go for a run and back home to feed the kids breakfast.

Also idiot box time is at the minimum. that helps too. :)

With or without a job, you are always filled with stuffs to do.

Time to lighten your schedule and smell the flowers? ^_^

wow, you're pretty busy. maybe that's why!!! when you're not doing anything, 24 hours seems forever. to each her own, right?

Hi Nico, 'yum cha' means tea-break. :)

24 hrs is not enough indeed Wenny, and I'll go along for the 48 you propose ;)

Hahaha!!! We'll have to double our life span from now on.

Yeah sckhoo, by 8am I have already sent the kids to school, did a little marketing at the wet market and came back from a 45mins jog.

Anyway, this routine has changed recently. I need not fetch the kids to school anymore ... so I get to sleep alittle longer.

I don't know Shingo T ... I'm still trying hard to be laid-back but I'll end up feeling guilty. This is BAD I know ... Hubby also mentioned it already but I'm trying, I'm trying.

the last 2 mths i overworked myself n apparently it kinda activated the thyroid, the doctor asked me to slow down n have a ME time. i was worried n i can turn back the clock.... my advice - sloooooow down. live life.

You are right Lily. It's a habit I'm trying to cultivate ... years of multitasking for others is so ingrained I think I've lost the ability to enjoy a humdrum life.