Friday, August 6, 2010

My Bubble: Breaking Out!!!

Living in a box???  I think I do and so do many others out there ... our friends, our loved ones or a perfect stranger, it is sad.  But what to do when our upbringing are so governed and influenced by tradition, culture, perhaps a conservative family background, perhaps too much of the idiot box or maybe for us here in not-too-old Malaysia, a sad oldschool education system.

I want to break out!  Everyone does, right???  The law of attraction says it's POSSIBLE  to break that habit so ingrained in us throughout our lifespan thus far ... the problem is???  It can't be due to the lack of CLARITY ... nor is there any lack of DETERMINATION or PURPOSE.  I guess it just boils down to a simple failure of ALLOWING it to happen.  A failure I definitely own-up to! 

I so want to break out from living in a box ... not to be restricted by conformities ... but why am I so troubled about leaving things to perceptions?  Right or wrong ... good or bad ... it's my choice, no explanation needed.  I need to LET GO.

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