Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Bubble: Bye Bye Bowie ...

In a spur of the moment, we were bading farewell to my little Bowie ... my adorable but mischievous little doggie. I'm missing you already Bowie!

It was supposed to be a family obligation ... meeting up with my cousin who's in town with his family. We've not met up for more than a year now, since Chinese New Year 2009. Hearing that he had brought along Yen Yen, his little female shih tzu, I decided to bring Bowie when we met up at my brother's house.

It must've been love at first sight for the two. The moment Bowie set eyes on Yen Yen, it's like I'm no more an existence. He didn't heed my calls at all and continued to play catching with Yen Yen. They were just adorable running around the house chasing one another, pouncing on each other, shelling little barks at each other ... they were so cute!

Out of pure delight, my cousin gamely suggested that I allow him to bring Bowie back to our hometown to stay for awhile ... perhaps if the situation permits, there'll be some Yen Yen-Bowie puppies in no time. Not a bad idea actually and Bowie will definitely be in a loving home and in more capable hands.

I pondered, reluctant at first but subsequently with a heavy heart ... bye bye Bowie ... he left with my cousin yesterday night. It was such an impromptu thing that all of Bowie's stuffs are still with me.

Anyway, if all goes well ... I'll be checking in on him soon in December.

3 Bubbles:

Farewells are difficult, but this was the best possible way to lose a pet. If they have puppies, maybe you could get one and raise it from scratch before any bad habits are formed.

My father-in-law had to put two cats to sleep recently. They had started urinating on everything and the vet said they had a condition that caused them to lose control--it wasn't a training issue. My FIL put up with it for a long time, but finally gave up. It was difficult...and now I have an idea for a blog post because, as usual, there was a plot twist in it for me (th einnocent bystander).

Yeah, hopefully so Rick. Lucky for me, it isn't something so drastic as your FIL.

Bowie had only been with me for 3 months plus. Imagine after 3 years or 10 years, putting Bowie to sleep seems unthinkable and unbearable, even if it comes a time of necessity.