Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Bubble: Fem@lov ... Good Or Bad?

A trip to an established ancient Qigong therapist more than a month ago for my muscle strains ended with a diagnosis of hormonal imbalance. I do not doubt the diagnosis as I knew too well already that this is the outcome that comes with the fact that I'm in the peri-menopausal period of my life. What more when I've already undergone a hysterectomy. This imbalance will definitely be worst for all women who entered the post-menopausal period ... that's why there's a world issue on HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

A Woman's Life!!!

Anyway, the Qiqong therapist prescribed that I take a supplement called Femalov. It's supposed to be a Swiss-origin formulation which contains estrogen (an important hormone for women that goes on the decline with age). It's claimed to be 100% natural, made of extracted ingredients from White Kwao Krua, Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Dandelion, Blessed Thistle and Oligosaccharides.  Upon consumption, it comes with a number of possible reactions before I can reap the benefits ... and a box of 30 sachets costs me RM198!  Well ... anything for better health.  If it works, it's more than worth it.

However, the anticipated reactions turned my life topsy-turvy!  As already forewarned in their brochure, I've been feeling lethargic, dizzy, heaty, suffering chest discomfort, itching and in pain due to skin breakout.  I was so listless that I couldn't bring myself to leave the house for the past weeks ... worst it affected my state of mind too!

It's definitely an undeniable sign that I'm not as healthy as I would want to think but due to the increasing chest discomfort, I've decided to halt consumption.  It's becoming more stressful than prepping up my vigor.  Four days went by without Femalov and my vitality was on the rise ... almost back to my usual self until I decided to resume intake with a sachet yesterday and today, I'm feeling a slight slack again.

So far, I do notice that the pigmentation on my face has lightened a fair bit.  Some pigmentation on my face had been declared as hormonally-related by my beautician and I guess this must be a positive result.  But this one and only result do not outweigh the sufferings.

One big question swirling in my head right now ... TO CONTINUE OR NOT TO???

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wah... only you know best. but i often hv hormonal imbalance even my sifu said the same thing when i go for tai chi class last time. i have tp pou yok for weeksss.

Don't you want to check if it's a registered product with the Pharmaceutical Control Bureau ?

It's a woman's life ... always a hormonal issue ... at puberty, as an adult, when pregnant, post-partum and then menopausal. It just never ends, haiyaaaaaaa ...

I don't think this natural supplement is governed under the bureau since it is not supposed to contain any drugs.

It however seemed to have a certificate to show that it passed a toxicology test by the National Poison Centre in USM.