Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Bubble: Keep Busy To Be Happy

Was just reading an interesting article, 'Keep Busy To Be Happy' on the Sunday Star which I think is a good share.

According to the article, a professor from the University of Chicago had conducted a study to understand why people are running around, working hard, beyond the basic level in this modern society. They found that people who have something to do, even something that's pointless are happier than people who sit idly.

We all know the adage that goes 'An Idle Mind Is The Devil's Playground' and I personally believe it can really really undermine what we want to achieve through the Law of Attraction. Sitting idly, staring at the paint drying or simply waiting for the time to pass could definitely make one feel miserable. When one's miserable, negative emotions builds and negative thoughts start its manipulation. I've been there before as the negative vibes begins to attract all that I don't want ... when they manifest, I'd be so miserable.

Today, I'm keeping myself busy with fruitful activities in order to stay happy, healthy and focused.

Have you ever been in such predicament? Would you agree with the professor?

Let's Be Thankful!

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this, i agree. infact, being idle is more tiring then running ard busy.