Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Bubble: Dear, I Can't Sleep!

Bedtime! It's 12am and it's time for bed! Within minutes, dear old hubby's snoring away in slumberland.

Me? I'm still counting sheep and it isn't working at all. It's been happening again and again for the past week ... tossing and turning ... I CAN'T GET TO SLEEP!!! Medical science said carb-deprivation causes insomnia. I think I've got too much carb since I couldn't get up for my morning runs. Anyway I'd blame it on the new airconditioner that's making so much noise. The technician has come 3 times and it's far from solved. Tomorrow he'll be coming again ... this time, I've recorded the noise for his listening pleasure!

Helpless, I took out a book to read. I've finished 3 chapters, yet I'm still far from sleepy. Interestingly the book advised to call upon God, have faith and pray. I did that seeking a peace of mind and sleep. When and how I don't care but I'd only manage to sleep for about 3 hours when I was jolted by a man shouting outside my window. Look out and I saw an Indian couple arguing in the middle of the road. The woman was inaudible but the man was sighing and shouting, raising his hands to the sky in frustration (almost like a scene out of a Bollywood movie). Luckily they moved their argument back to their home a few doors away.

Now I'm wide awake again ... tossing and turning. My battle resumes. I prayed hard to enter slumberland but the second time seems so much more harder. Anyway, again I don't know when and how, it's already 7am when I was jolted awake by the hair-dryer ... hubby's getting ready for work.

Arghhh!!! I'm too sleepy to go running, I grumbled, fall back to sleep and just woke up at 9am. Fingers crossed, let's see whether I hit the tar this evening. No guilt ... no guilt pleassse!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

3 Bubbles:

Oh, that sounds miserable. If my wife starts snoring before I fall asleep, I'm doomed!

Hahaha!!! You're so funny, Rick. So you're back from vacation. Can see you've been catching up on things.

I'm bad. Guilty for not updating on my blog friends. Thousand apologies!

poor thing.... spoils your sleep huh. i hate it too