Monday, August 30, 2010

My Bubble: Trekking Apek Hill ...

Our local colloquial expression "Apek" translates as "old man" ... so imagine on Sunday, I went trekking up "Old Man Hill". Dear old hubby jokingly said it's becoz many old man like to challenge this trail. True, true ... I do see many old people there and mind you, they are much fitter than some of us. Of course, there are also many younger people including children attempting Apek Hill.

That's the introduction to this beautiful green lung hidden behind some residential area in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur which can be accessible via several entry points. I was led via Taman Cuepacs. Didn't know what to expect initially, though the pictures from hubby's earlier trip seemed easy enough. Turned out, it is definitely a challenge especially when I've not been keeping fit for the past 2 months now ... getting lazier to run in the mornings nowadays (excuse: insominia ... hmmm). Anyway, Agnes who's an avid trekker from Kota Kemuning Pacers, had quite determinely extended invitations after invitations to join her in her trekking expeditions and finally ...

There were 17 of us, some experienced trekkers like Agnes and the rest like me. We started about 8.30am from the entry point ... there are 6 Stations upto the peak at 386 metres above sea level. It is quite an interesting hill to explore ... steep but luckily with the help of ropes hung on at certain spots, it's manageable ... I guess we should thank those 'Apek' who had gotten them ready for novices like me. It is well maintained and clean with alot of route markers in case you lose your way ... actually don't know understand, somehow dear old hubby got lost following the markers ... thank goodness the trail is busy all day round should you need to ask for directions.

There was a slight panic when he did not exit the foothill eventhough our slowest group was already enjoying cold coconut drinks with us at a makeshift stall at the exit point.  All the heaves of sigh followed when he finally appeared about 20 minutes later.

The crisp cool fresh air there was simply refreshing with lots of shade from the trees but I still sweat buckets. Tried taking pictures along the way upwards ... some turned our badly coz hands were shaking from sheer breathelessness, some did not turn out at all coz still on the learning curve (far from even an amateur photographer ... lol). We finally reach the anticipated destination after almost 2 hours ... THE WATERFALL! It's a small sandy spot, just enough for our group. Spent about an hour there to re-energize and some enjoyed the cold gushing water ... another group arrived just as we were leaving. We had to climb up a steep slope ... struggle and pant again, ARGHHH ... before we can go downhill which subsequently turned into a breeze.  The whole gang made it out of 'old man' hill in one piece at 1pm ... all sweaty and stinky ... dragging our feet to our cars that seemed to be parked a trillion miles away under the hot blazing afternoon sun!

The first sign probably referring to Taman Awana residences ...
the others???  Hubby's a 'banana' ... no read no Chinese, that's why ...

Fast or slow?  You're REMINDED!

Let's Be Thankful!

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I would be much slower than you Wenny as I never walk or run. Do go to the sport school twice a week for cardio and such though. You did have a splendid day though ;)

i so want to try but worried i have no stamina. i envy you. do try broga but must start at 5-530am.. then u get to see sunrise.

This is very world wide famous for the travel and hospitality among the world people.
Here is every thing for the every type of tourists and organizers.

The funniest part is "Hubby's a 'banana' ... no read no Chinese, that's why". Poor Ray.

Ive been here once.Early this year. The waterfall definitely a treat after long hiked up and down.

Some of that looks dangerous! You must be in better shape than you think.

oh wow! how adventurous. i wanna go hiking some time over the summer. i went to a pretty short one about 1.7 miles and i can't believe i was panting by the end. i am so not fit. LOL

btw, do u speak chinese? how many languages do people in malaysia speak?