Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

My random list of gratitude this week;

1. my dearie old hubby ... looking to forever in the bag with you ♥

2. my son ... from boy to man ... you're almost almost there!

3. a good night's uninterrupted sleep Emoticon bliss!

4. the fresh ideas for a new blog ... more $$$!

5. newfound tips and skills at photography Emoticon

Let's Be Thankful!

3 Bubbles:

In the bag???

I'm gratful for my family too, my eccentric wife never lets me get bored. =)

Haha, I was wondering what "in the bag" means too.

Another meaningful week you had. Looking forward to your next week's entry. It's good to remind myself of what I'm thankful for. ^_^

Hi Ric & Shingo T, hubby's just added another year in his 'bag of lifetime' (a year older since 24Aug) ... so you can see what I mean?