Sunday, September 26, 2010

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happy birthday!!!! :D

just in case you're wondering who this nutcase is, it's the stiletto girl ahahhaha. i'm blogging at a new place now:

;) have a wonderful birthday, you!

Hap-hap, hap-hap-happy birthday
To you-you, you-you-you, Wenny!!!

We're always younger than we will be tomorrow! =)

PS - Nice cartoon, but I know that is NOT what you looked like in the towel!!! :P

Happy Belated Birthday.. Stumble into your blog on BlogCatalog.

Hi Wenny,

Happy Birthday!

Nice hilarious cartoon you've here!

so belated happy birthday Wenny!!! I know you did have a blast!!

happy birfday wenny!!! time flies by so fast, huh? well have a good one. so any party in the works???

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. Parties none ... but this year definitely had the most hype then all years gone by.

Happy belated birthday, Wenny. ^_^

Apologies for coming to the party late, any leftovers?

Too late ... too late Shingo T, I ate the whole cake by myself ... lol