Friday, September 24, 2010

Law Of Attraction: Growing Old Gracefully

Growing old is an inevitable phase of life but yet many of us fear and despair over the onset of this decline in our bodily condition and appearance. Do we need to be miserable … just because the digits of our age has surpassed a 4th, 5th or 6th decade and just because our bodies are slowly beginning to fail us with dry wrinkled skin, lack-lustred eyes and hard-hearing ears? Why are we struggling with a reality that’s beyond our control?

Let’s face it, growing old may not be as bad as most of us think. We may not be able to control the biological changes of aging but we certainly can wrest control of our mental, emotional and physical changes. By recognizing these changes we’re undergoing as we grow older, we have an option to take the necessary steps to help us grow old gracefully.

Before we proceed further, let’s refresh our minds on an important fundamental of the Law of Attraction. This universal law states that “like attracts like” and feeds on the energy of our thoughts and emotions. As such, anything we focus on with strong emotional intent and concentration, we will attract it into existence … be it good or bad.

Let’s not be consumed by the negative ideas of growing old. If we choose to focus on the positive end of growing older, we can eliminate the negative thoughts and emotions that’s overwhelming us. Change the negative focus through meditation, reflection, reading, learning new things or setting new priorities. Embrace growing old as a reason to celebrate life … our achievement, our legacy, our wisdom. Don’t be afraid to face up to new challenges and use them to renew our life over and over again. This will definitely go a long way in prolonging our mental health.

Choosing to control and maintain our physical changes correctly is a great way to keep our health and physical appearance in check. A healthy body will be revived with plenty of energy to accomplish new feats or even attempt new aspirations. Although our bodily decline will eventually catch up but at least, it won’t be too soon when we create a consistent routine to stick to. We can choose to go to the gym, take up a sport, change our diets or eating habits or revamped our lifestyle. A glowing and energetic appearance will certainly be a boost to our emotions and mindset.

We should not fear getting old because we have the power to design our life the way we want it to be. “We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” … heard that before? Yes or no, we can’t run away from old age. We just have to face it and take the bull by the horn. If it will make us feel any better, we can keep reminding ourselves that we’re not getting old, we’re just getting wiser.

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I think it's easier to do if we acquire the grace before we grow old.

My wife always claims (and this is her opinion, not mine) that "women get bitchier" as they get older--she doesn't mean everyone gets bitchy, just that the ones who are a little bitchy (or worse) when they're young are going to get worse, not better.

Yes & No, Rick. Some bitches mellow down as they get older becoz all the bitching they do come around to them. Of coz, there are still some who don't mellow and there are also those who start to bitch as they grow older ... I'm glad I'm not in the first and I hope I will not be in the last group either ... hehehe!

Hahaha, no, you are not in either of those groups. I've been lucky, my wife takes her complaining out on the postal service and Walmart and other targets that are not me! =)