Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Bubble: Do We Really Need One?!

It was quite a relaxing weekend with a public holiday on Friday, followed by another yesterday, our 53rd Independence Day. Having some time on our hand, we took a drive around the neighborhood ... admiring people's home from afar.

One of the homes really caught my fancy and thereon, I noticed several more. This particular home had been renovated to look like an English cottage with white picket fences (well, here in Malaysia it just don't feel safe without a fence of any sort) ... the garden was filled with colorful blooms from daisies, pansies, roses to sunflowers. The most interesting fixture that made it a really looked an authentic English home is the address plaques at the gate. It read "88 Chong Residence" ... beautiful! Home address plaques are just not a common fixture here in our country. Most of us just live with the basic tiny plastic number affixed by the developer. Not many bothered to remove and fix a real proper one. 

This gave me an idea for our new home ... our new condo actually. I suggested to fix a 'Whitehall One Line Vertical Address Plaques'.  However, hubby wasn't too into it. His instantaneous reaction was "Do we really need one?!"  He then shooked his head and added "It's like announcing to the world who we are!"

Well, didn't want to argue much coz our new home won't be ready for another two-and-a-half years. I'll just let it rest for now and keep that idea in mind.

Let's Be Thankful!

2 Bubbles:

perhaps the house number will do?

i saw a hse befoe when i was staying in USJ, the house number was "63" but instead of putting the numeric digit, they put in cursive " sixty-3" i thought kinda creative.

That's smart, you've got time to think about it and make it happen.

My wife notices everything about other people's houses. I laugh when she says something like, "They really should close their curtains unless they want someone to steal that large-screen TV." It's funny because she always leaves our curtains open at night. I have to go around closing them.