Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Bubble: Gave Away & They Return ...

It was such a wonderful surprise when my cousin popped-in on Sunday evening, on her way back to Singapore. She and her family had just went for a short-break to Cameron Highlands, a highland at 5000ft above sea level with many vegetable and fruit farms and also home to many tea plantations.

They had bought so much fruits, vegetables and plants ... gosh!!! their SUV were fill to the brim! I wonder it's actually a holiday or a shopping spree of some kind??? They left us packets and packets of strawberries, cherry toms, guava, local oranges, pomeloes and veggies ... now my fridge is full beside the different titbits and jam as well.  I don't mind actually ... free food!!!

But plants??? That another matter altogether!

When I shifted from our old house, dear old hubby had given away most of our plants and planters.  He only kept 3 big outdoor planters for his precious bougainvilleas.  I tried to refused the plants that my cousin bought because hubby will end-up giving them away later when we shift to our new condo.  Unfortunately, he was so adamant that he left 5 plants behind when we were not looking.  What to do?

Now we've got to look for a few outdoor planters for these plants.  Luckily one of them came in a beautiful decorative planter ... one less to look for!

Let's Be Thankful!

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it look nice there but once you bring back, malas to jaga lor...

I want to trade refrigerators (and cousins)!

It would be wonderful if you would kindly invite me to visit your house - I can help you to free up some of your fridge's space! I love fruits! (just joking :-))

Ooo Alex, I've no complaints about the fruits and veggies ... they were FOC! I could invite you though if you're willing to do the gardening instead ... hahaha!!!

Yup! Gardening is a healthy activity and so is eating fruits!

Anyway, thank you.

p/s - by the way if you cannot finish those FOC stuffs, I can give you my account with FedEx - you can courier to me!

I'll keep that in mind, Alex ... hahaha!