Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Bubble: Malaysian Motorcyle Grand Prix 2010

I knew nothing about superbikes until I met hubby. Of course he was a die-hard fan of GP racing wayback then in the 80's and even had his Yamaha RXZ refurbished into a Ducati lookalike. Those were the days of Eddie Lawson and Freddie Spencer ... the two great champions in the two-wheel world who had 7 world titles shared between them.

It was 1985, when I had the first taste of watching the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix live! Back then it was held at the Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit, the only racing circuit in Malaysia before the Sepang International Circuit came into existence. A small-town girl, I was overwhelmed by the hive of activities and engines revving all around but thrilled to the bone with the opportunity to watch a speeding sport ... imagine watching bikes zooming past reaching speeds up to 300kph!

It was a spectacular sight at the small racing circuit, complete with a covered and an uncovered grandstand. The crowd easily exceeded the sitting capacity of 25000 and we could even see spectators watching the grand prix for free from the hills behind the track! Crowd control was excellent as we could enter and exit the place very smoothly. Fence barricades and traffic cones were placed strategically, especially at the parking areas so that everyone knows where to or not to park and prevent possible obstructions. Although I was abit panicky as I've never experienced being part of such a huge crowd before, the presence of stanchions and velvet ropes made me more at ease as the entry and exit queues were very orderly.  Everyone had to line-up within the confined path.

That was my first and only experience at a MotoGP and hubby's just bought the tickets for the coming Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit on 9 October 2010. Yay! I'm so looking forward to it!! We'll be seeing Jorge Lorenzo in action!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

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