Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 Bubbles:

I need that!!! I found out from a new neighbor that a couple across the street thinks I've been a bad neighbor lately because I don't stop to chat every time I see them. I don't have time for that!!!

Yeah Ric, kinda imagine you posing in that position in front of your neighbor ... kakaka!!!

Gosh, your neighbor is just being overly sensitive and selfish!

I think this type of patterned shrubs would be hot-sellers! It's a fantastic way to deliver a subtle message to problematic neighbors. :-)

Care to JV, Wenny? Ha...ha....

Over in Singapore, most doors are shut and there's very little interaction with neighbours.

The little problems with a practical society. But at least we don't taunt our neighbours like the picture you posted! =p

Have a great day ahead, Wenny!