Friday, October 15, 2010

Law Of Attraction: Money, Love, Cars - Can You Really Attract Them Into Your Life?

Many writers claim that we can create our own reality using the law of attraction. Money, relationships, jobs - in fact anything you desire - can be brought into your life using simple techniques.

But if it's so easy, why are so many people unable to make the law of attraction work? And if it really is as easy as a lot of people claim, why isn't everyone using it and creating the life they want? You've read the books, you've watched the movies, you've done the exercises. So why has nothing changed?

It is true that the vibrations you put out into the world will attract people, things and circumstances which resonate with your own vibrations.

But the key which is often overlooked in teachings which advocate the law of attraction, is that we create at four different levels and only when all four are working in harmony can we attract what we really want.

What are the four levels?

• The conscious level
• The subconscious level
• The unconscious level
• The soul level

The conscious level is obvious - you want a new car, you think about it, perhaps you save for it or someone gives you their old car. But somehow, a car shows up in your life.

The subconscious level is the level at which you are aware of certain fears and insecurities but are unwilling to look at them. It's a bit like having a closet full of junk and you are pushing on the door to keep it shut. You know the fear is there, but you've put the lid on it.

The flat out unconscious level is more deeply buried and it's the place where you keep the fears you have blocked out completely, such as forgotten childhood traumas.

The soul level is the level at which your soul creates the circumstances it wants to experience.

You can probably see quite clearly why the law of attraction may not be working in your own life now. But how can you change that? How can you get all four levels of creation to work in harmony?

If you want to create more consciously, you need to move things up to the conscious level. This means opening the closet, looking at the fears and asking yourself why you are afraid. Simply asking the question why and when you have an answer asking why again until you get to the root of the fear will bring it to your conscious awareness.

Creating what you want at the soul level comes about when you allow yourself to experience insight from your soul. You do this by getting the past and the future out of the way, focusing on the moment and receiving the aha from your soul. It comes through your mind, but you can't get there by thinking.

Learn how you can create your own reality. Law of attraction, money and relationships are only the tip of the iceberg.

This article is authored by Veronica L Torres, an Expert Author.
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