Friday, October 1, 2010

Law Of Attraction: The Power Of Enthusiasm

No matter what your present situation is, you can change it by the power of enthusiasm. In the previous article we have discussed the importance of controlling your thought by editing your mental picture to be able to discard the bad ones from the good. Therefore if you want success, hold on a picture of success in your mind and feel exhilarated with that thought and it will manifest because that is what you feel.

Do not worry how the universe will rearrange itself to give you what you want. The Law of Attraction says 'the how's are the domain of the universe.' If you visualize and believe that the picture in your mind is true and release it to the universe, it will manifest.

If you use the power of enthusiasm you are guaranteed success because it gives energy while negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, and frustrations can drain your energy. If it is money that you want, create a mental picture of having the money you need and feel good about it then you will be guided in thought and action that will make your picture a reality. It is no accident that people who speaks more about wealth has it. They know how to apply the Secret and they habituated it, remember doing it all the time, and not just as a onetime event.

Think about how bad things are going with you and you will get more of how bad it is. If you complain about the traffic and being late the universe will line those things up for you because the universe does not know whether the signal you are giving is a good or bad feeling. It responds to your very thought irrespective of whether you are imagining or remembering as long as you put your emotions to it.

Authored by Janet Grace Ortigas, a freelance writer and online blogger.
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Wow! Great post. I do think I'm quite enthusiastic most days.

And thanks again for your great words! They were really encouraging.

You're most welcomed, dear. I'm glad I've been of alittle help. Cheers!!!