Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Bubble: A Fear Factor ...

Few days' ago, I was driving around town in my black Proton Saga. The town seemed so unfamiliar, yet I knew instinctively which direction I should head. But where am I going! At that moment, I had no idea at all, much less why I was in such an unfamiliar surrounding in the first place.

Then unknowingly, I drove up to this rundown bus terminal. The funny thing is all the buses were heavily tinted and guess what?! All the buses were black!!! Then without warning, everything turned monochrome and I'm sitting in my car parked right behind one of the buses. Huh? What's going on? Suddenly ... OMG! the bus is reversing ... the bus' reversing!!! I pressed hard on the horn but it's not working ... the bus' reversing into me!!! Eeeeeeeee ...

I've been wanting to practise my photography for the past few weeks now but just haven't found the time. Yesterday, I took my camera and God knows where I found this motorbike, I went about this seaside village lined with waving coconut trees hoping to find something interesting to capture with my camera. Out of nowhere, there he was ... an ex-colleague who invited me over to a Malay wedding. Ahhh ... I was so excited! There is definitely going to be alot of interesting shots for practise. With a blink of the eyes, the event was over. So I packed my things to leave but guess what?! My motorbike has turned into a black Proton Iswara and a little kampung girl was pointing out to me that I'm parked in a 'No Parking' spot. Hahaha!!! "No problem little girl, thanks for the warning but I'm leaving now." Oh oh! ... as I was about to drive off, I realised I've forgotten my camera bag ... arghhh!!!

I rush to get back to the wedding venue but I just couldn't find the place and ended underneath a bypass. I was standing next to a stream with a group of youngsters and someone had just fished out a camera. I thought it was mine but damn ... it wasn't!

It was surreal in both instances but I was actually dreaming.  I awoke each time with a little trepidation. What a relief  when the disorientation wore off.

So ... what was the message being delivered in both dreams?

Let's Be Thankful!

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