Monday, October 4, 2010

My Bubble: I'm The Favorite Aunt For Now ...

Some more science and math questions? No worry ... this time Auntie Wenny's prepared. Let's go online!

Looks like I'm the favorite aunt for now. The moment my grand-nephew sees me, he was so excited to get down to his science and math homework. He was so eager for me to go through his homework with the help from an online tutoring site. I can understand his excitement since he managed an 'A' when he submitted his last homework to his teacher.

His mother was so surprised at his enthusiasm that she's considering signing up for this leading online tutoring site. After all it's only $99.99 per month for all subjects and her son could obtain unlimited tutoring that's available 24x7 right in the comfort of their home and under her watchful eyes. He could easily obtain assistance on prime numbers or get geometry help whenever he needs it. He could also find chemistry help and physics help right at his finger tips. The chemistry homework help can definitely be handy for him since this is his weakest subject.  No doubt online tutoring are specifically for K-12 and college students, it can be a great problem solver for many young kids who attend public schools just like my grand-nephew.

I am so happy to see my grand-nephew doing his homework with eagerness.  I could still remember the previous times when my niece would be nagging him to finish his school homework in frustration.

Let's Be Thankful!

3 Bubbles:

great! now i know the trick to be best aunt! ahhaha

holy!! if only we have such technologies 10 years ago :p

Wow! Wenny, you're one great Aunt!

It's amazing what technology can do to our lives.