Friday, October 1, 2010

My Bubble: What An Embarrassment ...

Gosh! Need my help with math questions? Frankly I don't remember much of them these days. Try asking me anything about a standard form or prime numbers or linear equations or algebra equations and let me throw you a blank! It's either my brain cells are so deteriorated with age or I must've returned all those knowledge to the teacher when I left school.  Moreover, I studied my math and science in Bahasa Malaysia back then, so these terms take alittle longer to be translates inside my brain.

It all started when my grand-nephew asked me how to divide some fractions and I coolly began to teach him without second guesses. However, I was totally red-faced when he went on to explore other questions on pre-algebra. I was mortified when my sister ranted how I had usually aced maths back in my school days. I know I should feel complimented but that was just not the case this morning.

Luckily, I am still alittle quick-witted to remember an online tutoring site which also provide free online help on math, English and science. Nick had shown me this site months earlier. Although we're not paid subcriber yet, we were still able to obtain effective answers to my grand-nephew's workbook questionaires. This online tutoring site is especially suited for the K-12 and college students as they provide one-to-one supplemental education at very reasonable rates and individual convenience. The students just connect to a tutor whenever they require some assignment assistance or whenever they are ready to learn.

Let's Be Thankful!

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