Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

To sum-up the nitty-gritty of another week, my random list of gratitude are:

1. I am grateful that my blog has just turned 2!

2. I am grateful for the success of my blog and the steady flow of traffic it is attracting.

3. I am grateful that my blog has continually and successfully help me sustain my positive energy in the face of negative forces that hide within the multifaceted human interactions I go through each day.

4. I am grateful for each and every opportunity and contact that has come through my blog.

Let's Be Thankful!

7 Bubbles:

i am glad i found you in your blog :D my inspiring energy

Wooooo ... thanks for the boost of motivation. You? You are the travelling bug that's buzzing at my ear ... hehehe!!! Not only do I want to travel, more so I wish to make them unforgetable experiences just as you have done.

Cheers to us!!!

Happy 2nd anniversary, Bubble Blog! ^_^

Hey Wenny, just took notice of your side bar. Liked to let you know it's VERY organised.

Oohh.. free e-book too. Maybe you should write something like "Free e-book worth $15". Once you tag a value to a free item, people tend to read it. It's a little hard to see the title from the thumbnail of the book cover though.

Ha! Thanks for the idea ... appreciate it very much. You are right, it's hard to read the title ... perhaps I should change the thumbnails design asap. Thanks for the heads-up!

Two years? You started without me??? LOL!

Happy aniversary Wenny!

PS - I'm not saying you would do this, but I just feel an urge to point out that a towel would not be an appropriate Halloween costume. ;P

Thanks for the great idea, Rick ... a towel ... yar

Congratulations... :)

And I feel I was one of the first, who discovered your blog and brought my followers to you. Every time I discover a new blog, all of these people here sooner or later start to comment there, if the blogger is kind and interesting. I know Shingo once told me, that he started to follow many of my followers and they started to follow him.

I guess I have something special, that connects people. But guess what? You, dear sister, have that, too :-D