Friday, November 5, 2010

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happy diwali to you too Wenny! so how do u celebrate it? i've heard it from farah and manju, but unsure how to exactly celebrate it. u light things up?

I don't actually celebrate Diwali but share in the festivities with my Hindu friends. It will be a brightly-lit occasion where oil lamps are lighted to signify the triumph of good versus evil.

For us non-Hindus, we'll be house-popping into the homes of our Hindu friends to feast on their special delicacies and sweets, of course at their invite first.


Happy Diwali Wenny!
It's the festival of light over darkness and good over evil, I think so it don't have any religious boundaries just your loving heart some candles or earthen lamps and sweets and you are on to celebrate this festival!