Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Bubble: Espresso Cups Minus The Coffee ...

"Hello my dear friend, you're offering me only espresso cup minus the coffee?" ... 180 cups at that! Oooooo ... imagine having 180 shots of espresso ... I'd be an insomniac zombie for the rest of the week ... GUARANTEED!

Frankly, I would love to have a few shots of espresso right now. The brew will definitely do me good to break my current writer's block.

Being very uninspired to write anything, I forced myself to surf the internet with my eyelids pried-open with toothpicks. Unintentionally, I've stumbled onto another avenue to sell the 180 sets of espresso ware that my friend Eddie had recently acquired from one of his clients. He wanted me to find out the best avenue to sell them and my initial idea was to just place them on ebay, buy&sell or mudah. Then, as I was researching about espresso wares, I chanced upon a business directory that was created for buyers and sellers worldwide to find each other. Browsing through the list of business links, I've managed to contact several caterers who are interested to buy these cups and saucers. Now, I'll just have to work out the delivery arrangement and get Eddie to provide them with a proper quote to finalize the sale.

Hmmmmmm ... the smell of freshly brewed coffee ... I want those espresso shots for my rewards!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

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here's the thing, i like the smell, i like to go on coffee massage BUT not the drink. i be zombiefied as i wont slip for 24 hrs JUST by one sip. argh... the the smelll..... high.....

Like Lily, I love the smell, but I don't drink coffee unless I'm sick or need to drive through the night. I just don't drink hot beverages very often. But I like mocha frappacino.

I love the aroma of coffee and I love the taste too. Since I'm diabetic, I have to take the brew minus the sugar and since I don't put any other kind of sweetener ... ohhhhhh ... the original taste is heavenly!

Some research has it that "a cuppa a day keeps the doctor away" ... kekeke!

Hey Rick, mocha frappucino contains coffee too. I used to like ice-blended and still do but minus the sweetness since I'm forbidden, it's just not as nice anymore. Enjoy!

I love our local black coffee heheheheheh :)