Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Bubble: Good To Go Or Abandon Plans?

It's just another 5 more days and we'll be heading for a much excited planned holiday in Hatyai, Thailand. But, to this moment, a big question mark is still hanging in the balance ... are we good to go or we have to abandon plans?

Hatyai had been hit by its worst flood in 70 years since November 1. It had been inundated in between 2 to 3 metres of water and had been declared as a flood disaster zone. However, according to the latest news reports, the flood situation in Hatyai is getting better. Many areas are back to normal or having receded flood water. Having had experienced flooding in my own backyard during my younger days, I am aware the aftermath of floods are definitely going to be one of filth and mud. On top of that, there's the possibility of water-borne diseases. During this time, the residents will be busy with clean-ups and many who had been displaced clamoring for assistance. I'm afraid the heartbreaking sights are sure to tug at any visitors' hearts.

If the roads into Hatyai are still inaccessible by this weekend, we're likely to remain in Penang for the holiday. It'll definitely be a binging holiday for 'lo kong' and the running gang, especially since they've just completed their running feats at the Penang Bridge International Marathon the same weekend.

Anyway, good to go or change of plans, it's fine with me coz it's good enough for me just to be tagging along as a break from my self-imposed 'house arrest' ... YAY!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

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Hey, house arrest is for dirty politicians before they go to jail--not for you!!! I'm glad tyou'll be getting out, wherever you end up. We have a restaurant in DC that's called Penang. I'm very eager to try it.

sorry to hear about your holiday been destroy by natural disaster.

Cheers :)

Hey I just downloaded your ebook and just wanted to say I liked it very much!

Hope you will get through this disaster!

you going for png run. take plenty pics yah. have a great run and safe journey

Hey Rick, try that restaurant for sure and let me know how you like it ... Penang food is one of our local favorites.

Hi Netster ... I've not gone to Hatyai yet but looks like we're definitely going now cos the floods are over. Feedback is 'things are back to normal' already.

Ok Lily, hope to get good shots cos it's going to be dark between 3am to 6am. Probably will be taking video.

Thanks ManifestingAbundance ... glad you liked my ebook.