Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Bubble: Just No Letting Up ...

For the past several months since I retired, I've passed down my trusty old Perodua Kembara to Nick. There just wasn't any chemistry between him and the second-hand hatchback I bought for him ... new driver meet old car! Ever-since he had the car, he has had met with some accidents ... 2 major ones in 3 months! In the short span since we bought the car, it has spent almost half the time at the San Diego auto repair! The car's in such a bad shape now, it's close to being declared a piece of junk. Luckily it suits hubby just fine to get him to the train station daily before embarking onto the train to his workplace ... no parking risks no worries.

Now that Nick's comfortably settled into driving my car, he fusses over it like some 'little girl with her Barbie' ... ARGHHH!!! It reminds me of a friend who treats his Ford F-150 like his mistress!

My trusty Kembara has been with me for alittle more than 10 years now and I've driven without any complaints whatsoever so far. Apart from two recent fender-bender to my side and the rear that created some squeaks and clankings while driving over humps and potholes, I'm perfectly happy with it. I've tolerated the heat without any window tinting, I've enjoyed the music with the player that came with car, I've driven without any need to increase the battery size for more engine power or even the need to fix an indicator gadget to check engine light. I just don't see the necessity of all these!

Anyway, whatever he wants to do to the car that's outside the basic maintenance is going to come out from his own pockets and I've warned that he'd better check with our regular auto shop beforehand ... less he'll be taken for a ride being such a greenhorn.

There's just no letting up when the expectations are way too high!

Let's Be Thankful!

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Thats just not good! 3 month 2 accidents.

I had major accident in May cheat death and lucky.

Well life. :)

Thank goodness ... better remember to be extra careful next time.

Sometime it's best to leave the car as it is...meaning as original as possible. Further the car is over 10 years and any new gadget would compromise the performance of the the vehicle...anyway...maybe young yuppies wanted this as "lifestyle" or friends are having them.
I like your last para...outside the basic maintenance...

LOL, I drice an old car to the train station everyday too--I never worry it will be stolen. Basically, I'm like you. I don't fuss over cars, I just keep them running, nothing fancy.

I'm glad Nick's not still having accidents.

Precisely Anonymous and this young 'ciku' couldn't understand our apprehension in the first place. :)

Rick, we are just practical people, you and I.