Friday, November 19, 2010

My Bubble: Should I Switch Or Shouldn't???

When I first started my blog, I had a wide-eyed intention to switch it to my own domain. I even purchased one from Go Daddy and it's been 2 years since ... guess what? Nothing's been done yet to that effect ... lame lame lame ...

Anyway, together with my renewal reminder from Go Daddy, I received an article regarding the advantages of having my own domain.  It beats leaving it on blogspot which of course I have known since day one.  The biggest advantage is that it attracts more advertisers. But to have my own domain means I've got to find a reliable webhosting company and that's a real headache!

While browsing through the net, I came upon a website that gave pretty indepth reviews on the different types of webhosting plans and companies available in the market.  These plans will need a consideration of a variety of factors but most importantly for me is the budget.  I may be earning some from my blog but is it going to be sustainable for long-term, I wonder though I'm eternally hopeful.  Then again, there's the tedious task of migration and losing all that traffic I've build up so far ... urghhhhhh ...

Well, now it's back to the same old question ... should I switch or shouldn't I? Gosh ... my head's screaming headache again ... headache!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

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it sounded complicated to me.... ok. once you know and do what need to be done, then you tell me the diff cos i really am ignorant.

She may be able to answer some questions for you:

I'm thinking about getting my own domain too, Wenny. Heard it's pretty cheap.