Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Bubble: A Spanish Affair ...

Been meaning to post about our dinner at La Gomera last Saturday ... yeah, 'twas exactly a week ago ... my goodness, time really flies. So many things just seemed to get ahead of this ... haizzzzzz ...

Anyway, dear 'lo kong' spotted this advertisement in the newspapers last Saturday morning and we just jumped at it ... Spanish affair it was that evening. Where else can you find so cheap exotic dining with servings of oysters, lobsters and steaks for less than RM40 a person! Must try ... must try!!!

Three of us headed down to Neo Damansara around 7.30pm, right after sunset mass. A thought on the side, we've been missing church services quite often nowadays ... tsk tsk tsk!

Neo Damansara is a new commercial area in Damansara Perdana and is pretty easy to find based on the location map given but the restaurant is NOT!  The place's kinda deserted, right on the last block towards the last exit.  For the time being, don't waste your time parking in the basement ... you can just park right in front of Block E where the restaurant is ... we found that out after parking in B3. No proper signages to direct patrons to the restaurant either!

'Lo kong' made a reservation earlier in the afternoon just in case but when we got there, the restaurant was only HALF-FULL. We waited at the empty reception counter for a few minutes ... you'll still have to press the buzzer to be waited, else no one will attend to you. The chief waiter came and told us that our table was outdoor.  I wouldn't mind open-air dining sometimes but my mind wasn't programmed for it that night.  When I protested ... he coolly said there was no available table inside and that the empty tables had been reserved since a week ago ... HUH??? Note my underlined-bold-capitalized word?

Noticing my displeasure, he offered to check for an 'AVAILABLE TABLE' inside which of course, should be plenty 'AVAILABLE'.  Geez, for crying outloud ... there was always an empty table available whenever I walked to the buffet counters.

La Gomera is a pork-free Spanish buffet outlet, with mostly cold tapas, pinchos and salads spread over a counter, alongside hot stews, soups and deserts. We started our food adventure by piling our plates with salads before trying out their variety of stews. I was looking forward to a sumptuous paella brimming with prawns, mussels, clams and squids and I was not disappointed.  Then we had helpings and helpings of succulent oysters and freshly grilled lamb, beef, chicken, scallops, grouper and salmon.  Their spaghetti marinara and pizza were also very tantallising.  All in all, the food are nice ... not spectacular but good if you don't have too high a gastronomic expectation.

Unfortunately, our stomachs just didn't have the space to try everything.  We were already full just tasting small portions of their house specialties.  The deserts are nothing to shout for ... just some local ice-creams, cakes and juices but the biggest turn-off was the waitress manning this counter.  She just glared at everyone who approached as if we were thieves or food hoarders or something.  Anyway, the overall service wasn't good at all ... no smile, no greetings.  The waiters and cooks at the cooking counter hardly made any eye-contact, much less to give a smile and greet the patrons.   So sad, the restaurant just didn't have a friendly ambience despite its nice decor!

We finished off our dinner with cups of cappucino, white coffee and tea before calling it a night at about 10.30pm.  The eat-all-you-can Spanish buffet for the 3 of us burned a hole as big as RM115.00 in 'lo kong's pocket, after a discount of 30% of the normal price of RM49.90.

Let's Be Thankful!

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i was hoping its great so that my trip from ampang will be worthwhile. in that case, i might as well go mum's place in dsara perdana, the food can never go wrong ;)

Stick to Mum's Place better but if you're interested to try something exotic ... 'tis okay

What a shame they can't get the service right--that should be the easiest thing to do right in a restaurant. How hard is it to be welcoming???