Monday, November 29, 2010

My Bubble: Yet Another Case!!!

I had only just crossed the border into Thailand, heading for Hatyai and my handphone's been tingling with messages after messages. I knew 'twas normal since it's due to the international roaming taking effect.

Checked checked checked ... oh there were 2 missed calls. One from my son, Nick and the other is an unknown number. I tried to figure out the familiar country code on that number but what the heck ... I thought if it's of utmost urgency, the caller would be calling back soon. The caller did call back twice and both times I missed the calls again ... one while I was having my Thai massage and the other while I was making the call of nature ... haizzz, what a timing!

Not giving much thought to these calls since I do not expect any old colleagues to call from India ... yeah finally figure out the country code, the caller called back last Friday. She identified herself as Jagjit (something like that coz her accent was too strong) from Paypal. She briefed that I have 2 websites but my paypal account only incorporated one. She offered to assign an assistant to help with the integration of my paypal account for both sites. I immediately turned down her offer as I had no intention of doing so. Even if I did, I would do it myself.

On hindsight, I felt so lucky that I had immediately turn down the offer and did not verify my paypal email ID which she had quoted wrongly. First of all, the email ID she indicated had no paypal account at all and secondly, she even struggled with the pronunciation on a repeat ... there's definitely something fishy behind this!

So dear friends ... please be careful if anyone were to call you regarding your paypal account or even for the matter, whatever accounts you may have eventhough they may not be $$$ related.

Let's Be Thankful!

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