Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

It would be a good idea for us to count our blessings every once in awhile. Being grateful for all that we've already attained in our lives makes for happiness ... the happier we are the more abundance we'll enjoy. However, counting our blessings need not mean only for the good things in life. If we evaluate all the adversity that we've been through, there are still blessings that cannot be discounted behind those bad times.

My random list of gratitude this week are:

1. I am grateful for eye-opening situations where I've been given a heads-up to differentiate between friends and foes.

2. I am grateful for several life lessons that continually remind me to be less critical of any predicaments, persons and environment.

3. I am grateful for all the positive thoughts that I've gained through my blog and books I've read that goes a long way in promoting my inner peace.

I wished to have peace with my friends ... peace with my kins ... peace with my loved ones and most of all ... peace with myself.

Let's Be Thankful!

5 Bubbles:

Foes make great friends, if we ever get their respect.

I beg to differ Shingo T ... foes make great friends if ever they they regain our respect.

It would be nice if we could be born with the perspective we gain from adversity--and that not finding the right color nail polish is not adversity! LOL

Have a great weekend, Wenny.

Foes or fiends are still friends if they regain our respect..but one thing for sure, we have to be "very open" to accept comments/criticism, from them, be it on our loved ones, kin or otherwise... Cheers

Criticism or advice are good for our personal development ... to be able to received them in the positive light from whoever, friends or foes is a step towards maturity.

However, foes turn into friends when they regained our respect and with it the trust returns for us to accept their views, advice or encouragements without apprehension.

Anyway, it's not a one-sided affair. It takes 2 to tango. Thanks for your comments.