Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

I'm late today to post my weekly list of gratitude ... but it's better late than never, the first on my list for the week.

I'm grateful that 'lo kong's' pain in his shoulder has finally been diagnosed by a neurosurgeon as 'frozen shoulder'. At least now we can rest easy that it's not something serious to do with his previous back surgery and with proper consistent physiotherapy, the pain should resolve in time.

I'm grateful for the enjoyable and safe trip to Penang & Hatyai, Thailand with 'lo kong' and friends. It was a truly fun getaway despite a small glitch that's made everyone a whole lot wiser!

I am grateful for the recovery since returning from my trip and catching up on my assignments that's been sitting in my inbox during my getaway.

Cheers to you and me! Looking forward to a fulfilling and rewarding week ahead!!

Let's Be Thankful!

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Wow, nice vacation. Me still waiting for a good vacation too, but held up at work.

Anyway, get a good rest, Wenny!

What is that wheel you are turning in the picture?

I need a vacation, too. So I'm not very grateful this week :P

vacation is good... you need a longer R&R.

at least now you know what the name of your lo kong pain.

I need a vacation too :)

And the back pain is call frozen shoulder? My shoulder is aching a lot when I carry my laptop around. I need to stop than. :)

I hope your Lo Kong get well soon

Hi Shingo, Nino and Lily ;)

happy thanksgiving to you wenny!!! what a relief that lo kong's shoulder problem isn't serious! well take it easy :)

Thanks everyone, for your kind words and encouragements.

Shingo T, the wheel is part of a equipment that rolls the roasted cuttlefish ... works pretty much like a noodle maker.

That's good news about the shoulder, I hope relief does not take too long coming.

I'm glad the glitch didn;t ruin the vacation. =)

I lost my internet connection Friday and I'm having trouble catching up with everyone now!!!

Thanks Rick. Though that glitch was a torn in our sides ... we kinda improvise the best we can. Now we know better not to put ourselves in the same situation again.