Sunday, December 19, 2010

7 Bubbles:

Amen! Lately, I find many of your posts making me think of my troubled brother. :(

Hahaha! Rick, I hope it is not something that's negative.

Look at the reality behind his troubled life and perhaps you might come to see a solution for him or even an effective approach to help him.

It is negative. My brother has trouble showing gratitude, trouble keeping his word, trouble controlling his temper, trouble being honest, trouble acceptng responsibility for anything hs does. I think because of his volitile nature, my mom and sisters always tried to smooth things over for him, make things okay so our dad wouldn't find out--because then there would be real trouble.

I'm sorry to hear this but I truly believe people and situations can change for the better ... we just have to try and try to find one better solution at a time.

I had once face somewhat a similar situation with my son, Nick. But our desire, positive thoughts and actions minus any hostility can save the person ... in time. We are not out of the woods yet but always bear in mind that a person can change when the time is ripe, with a little help from above.

Thanks Wenny, I'll keep looking up.