Friday, December 3, 2010

Law Of Attraction: Friendship and Prosperity, How One Critically Influences the Other

If you talk to many personal development teachers they all talk about the influence of others. The people around you influence you tremendously, those 6 or 7 people, are what we call your Sacred Circle. This sacred group can either influence you for the better or they can have negative consequences for you. I would like for you to take a close look at who are these people in your life, and whether or not they are helping you on your road to living a prosperous life!!!

Negative Influences

If you are not living the life that you want, look at the people you're hanging around with. What type of attitude do they have? What are they listening to? What are they doing? How do you deal if you have someone in your Sacred Circle that's not positive healthy person? You have to bring people to offset that. If you don't you are going to get that influence even at a subconscious level. You are going to be influenced by their actions, attitude, spirituality, the way they live, and their financial means. This is the reason you have to go out there and meet new people.

Building the Sacred Circle

You have to make sure that you are out there getting involved and that you are meeting people to bring into your Sacred Circle. Your posture needs to be with more people that have accomplished what you want to accomplish in your life. You need to bring these people into your life through friendship. It will start to influence you and things will start to change.

Start spending more time with people that are manifesting more and that have the lifestyle that you want. You have to bring something of value to the relationship if you posture and position yourself properly. Let go of the friends that are holding you back. Sometimes you have to release those people around you that are not moving you forward.

Review your Sacred Circle

Make sure that you are looking at that Sacred Circle. As you start to manifest more and as you start to get clear about what you want, you start to move toward your dreams, all of a sudden people appear. The universe will begin to work for your benefit.

Make a list of the six or seven people closest to you. Review this list. Look at the people on the list and see what they bring to the table. Look and see what changes need to be made. What will you do to bring more people into your life?

How can I get out there and meet more people that are doing what I love so that I can increase my influence in my Sacred Circle. If you are a parent, it's so critical that you watch your child's Sacred Circle. It's the biggest influence of what is going to happen in their life.

Now the tough question is would you be someone that you would want in your own Sacred Circle? What would you bring to the table? If not what changes do you need to make to be part of this Sacred Circle.

Be aware of your Sacred Circle. Write it down. Understand who they are. What are their aspirations? Do they believe in you? Who are the six people that have the most influence on you? How are we going to make the change to bring new people into our lives and make it so much better?

Authored by JB Glossinger, the founder of the worlds first personal evolution system based on the principles of self help, personal development, self improvement, and life coaching.
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