Friday, December 17, 2010

Law Of Attraction: Why Carry People's Emotional Baggage?

Everyone has their issues ... me included.  But it can drive us crazy when we hang around people who are consummate people-pleaser, blowing hot and cold all the time to please others, situations or perhaps their own fancies.  Then at the deeper end, it can be an embarrassing torture to be around hot and cold people who can be verbally and negatively eruptive at any unwarranted time.

We all may have at some point in time come across loved ones, friends or acquaintances who are ebulliently in favor of any ideas to only turn apathetic later or those who are very friendly and agreeable when things are going their way to only publicly explode at a slightest unfavorable shift.  Let's remember to remind ourselves not to become one of them.

Regretfully, it is no less important that we should not hang around them too frequently either! To be caught in such undermining situations with them can only confuse, hurt, disappoint and humiliate us.  To continually maintain company with these people of such extremes can only lead to negative feelings. As we lose our respect for them, we are also constantly confused by their extremism.  This is certainly unhealthy!  The hurt, disappointment, humiliation and confusion leads to a pent-up anger that destroys the relationships.  This pent-up anger will boil to a point that it stress and drowns our energies.  Why should we be willing to carry their emotional baggage with us?

Like thoughts attract like experiences according to the Law of Attraction and we definitely do not want to attract more of these negative predicaments.  We know what kind of relationship that we truly desire. So, mingle with coveted friends who are consistent in their personal values and behavior to maintain a healthy, grounded, productive and lasting liaison which in turn draw to us more such beautiful relationships and life experiences.

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I do have my own issue as well. But nothing to do with people-pleaser, I don't like those office politics. :o)

Merry Christmas and much happiness for 2011!

Me too! Office politics takes away the joy and fun of working.

Merry Christmas!

Probably because of a self-preservation urge I left many relationships go, and with the few friends left I feel much better, and happier. The post you wrote should help many out of aviscious circle I think.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2001 my friend :)