Friday, December 10, 2010

Law Of Attraction: Willingness Is Always The Place To Begin

When you find yourself judging, criticizing, or rejecting something within you or your life, your opportunity is to practice accepting it. Practice being willing to see it from a broader perspective - even if you have NO IDEA what that broader perspective is.

The fact is that oftentimes, we DON'T get to see the perfection in a difficult situation. Sometimes, we don't get to see the divine perfection within our life time - only from the MUCH broader non-physical perspective when we die and our consciousness re-emerges into the non-physical realm of the Absolute - can we see the perfection. Sometimes you do get to see the perfection when the challenge has passed and you have time, distance and a new perspective. I'm sure most of you have had that experience - where you look back on a time of adversity, or an aspect of yourself that you resisted, but in hindsight you can now see how it all served you or a higher good?

When you can't see the perfection, or can't accept what is, the place to begin is WILLINGNESS. Willingness is always the place to begin. Manifestation is much more about releasing resistance than it is about visualizing or affirming what you want. The better you are at releasing resistance, the more effective you are as a manifestor! Why? Because when you shift from resistance to acceptance and surrender - you open the doors to the infinite well-being that is already here.

So.. for let's say for the month of December practice accepting whatever you have been judging and resisting about you and your life, so that you can begin to see and feel your wholeness. So that you can begin to see yourself as an individual expression of Source Energy. (If you need a little more context for this, read the previous article.)

If you have goals around prosperity, you'll want to look at what is it about your current financial situation that you judge. Your debt? Your income? Your habits? Practice accepting what is, and seeing all of your financial experience as whole, perfect and complete - even if you can't imagine how this is so... simply be willing.

If you have goals are around your body or health, look at where you are holding judgments - trying to separate yourself from what is. Understand that all of it, every aspect of the shadow side of your experience is part of the whole. Practice accepting it. Be willing to see the perfection. That what is is PART of the whole that is Source.

If your goals are around relationships, look at where you've held judgements - of yourself, of others? Practice suspending judgment. Practice being willing to trust that there is perfection here, even if you cannot see it.

Written by Sonia Miller, "The Voice of Your Soul," an internationally recognized life-coach, counselor, teacher, healer, minister, author and speaker. She has helped countless people activate personal success, healing and transformation since 1983. For free life-changing treasures go to:  Article sourced from

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I'm getting a new boss next month. On first meeting, I didn;t like her. But I'm keeping an open mind and looking for things I do like about her that I can build on.

"When you find yourself judging, criticizing, or rejecting something within you or your life, your opportunity is to practice accepting it.." Whoa like this very first paragraph..need lots of willingness to practise..especially judging..tQ