Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Bubble: Am I Expecting Too Much?

Is every situation in life made out to be coincidences? I'd rather not believe it to be such. Everything that we discover or experience are circumstances of our very own thoughts, emotions and actions ... according to the Law Of Attraction.

Just a few days back as I was having tea-time break with a girlfriend, our conversations eventually broached into the issue of meeting expectations. Sadly I must admit I've been told umpteen times in the past that I set too high expectation for others. Thanks to some sound advice from her, our conversation led me to re-acquaint myself with this weakness that I've tossed aside eversince I retired. Still fresh in mind, it seemed too coincidental that I should stumbled upon the same topic again over the internet.

Someone with a pseudonym, R&B Diva had posted this question over a forum and I quote as follows:

"Is It that I expect too much out of people?

i hope you all have a little time to spare because this question may be a bit detailed. i must say that what id like to say is complicated so please try to understand me. well i have been told that im a perfectionist at times (virgo). i was raised in a household where my parents instilled morals and values in me and they are embedded in me til this day. i like to consider myself a really good person. and as conceited as this may sound people should be lucky to have me as a friend because its not often u bump into people with pure, loving hearts like i have. im respectful, compassionate, loyal, and trustworthy. all the things people want in a friend.i try my hardest to treat people the way i want to be treated. it seems as though i never get the same in return and it makes me reluctant to be so kind and generous to people cause i hate the idea of me being taken advantage of. sometimes i feel like its a curse to be a genuine person living this world because people are always out for themselves and im not that type of person. i get so discouraged because i feel like i cant trust people or love whole heartedly anymore because people have hurt me in the past when i "wore my heart on my sleeve". ive had a friend steal from me and id never even dream of being a thief. ive had another friend gossip about me when i took her in cause she had no friends because of a severe skin disorder. i told her how beautiful she was regaurdless of her skin, trying to build her up so she can feel good about herself. and she turned around and dogged me out! i think im too nice or something. idk but its driving me crazy! it sucks u cant even be a nice person anymore. does anyone feel the way i do or do i just simply expect too much from people?"

It's surprisng that her question hits quite close to home for me. I've experienced something similar before and it's not easy not to be hurt or disappointed. But realising that "I am my very own best friend" helps me to let go of the need to please others, to put others first or to allow others to discourage me. One thing I've learnt from reading all those personal development books is, "You can't please others unless you can please yourself!"

So, I hereby re-affirm to myself that I shall henceforth let go of all my expectations (as much as I possibly can) of others but myself. I shall judge not nor criticise but try to understand and forgive them.

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