Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Bubble: Jalan Bellamy Ikan Bakar

Just fresh from a seafood 'pig-out' expedition in Crab Isle and here we are ... savoring pan-grilled fishes at one of the Jalan Bellamy Ikan Bakar stalls for lunch. There are roughly about 5 stalls offering the same speciality, hidden right behind Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur. There are an array of choices aside from the various types of fishes such squids, prawns and cockles. Choices of fish starts from the usual very bony 'ikan terubok', a fresh-water herring to catfish, stingrays, mackerels, scadtails and some other lesser know fishes.

Without fail, we'll always head towards this particular stall, Gerai #3 that attracts the most customers each time we're there. The other stalls seemed to be the backups when time does not permit the long wait looking for tables here ... there's no room to be shy when grabbing for a table if you really really want to savor those grilled seafood.

It was just Lo Kong and me, since Nick's at his part-time job yesterday. Since it was a spur-of-the moment decision to have ourselves some 'ikan bakar', we reached there right in the thick and thin of a lunch-time crowd. Lo Kong quickly queued up for the grilled fishes while I waited around looking for a table which actually ended as a tight squeeze in between other customers on a long bench-table. Lucky thing, the weather was very very kind to us yesterday ... else, it was normally scorching heat under the zinc.  That's where the extra saltiness adds to the flavor!

Between us, we had a big whole scadtail, a slice of stingray and 2 portions of mixed veggies and 'kerabu' (mixed raw veggies). All came up to RM19.00 inclusive of a glass of coconut water.  'Twas reasonable and indeed a satisfying lunch ... from overly famished to being completely over-fed!

The fishes were fresh and super-yummy.  However, I wouldn't say they are all that healthy with the loads of oil being used to grill them but then ... I guessed it beats eating the sinful 'bak-kut-teh' and all those piggy offals!

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ikan pari panggang & air kelapa!!!!!!! :'C noooooooooooooo. you & nino are both cruel ppl! now i want to eat those food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s i'm kidding, you both are not! =D

Oh, that looks so good--and not just because I am SICK of turkey! =)

Lizzy, when you're in town do call on me. I'll be more than willing to bring you to savor those tasty grilled seafood.

Hahaha! Turkey and stuffing for X'mas ... then cold turkey sandwiches for the rest of the week huh?

Luckily I stopped hubby from ordering a stuffed turkey for X'mas. Phewww!!!

all for 19? not bad... reasonable and no wonder this place is always packed!

I dont really like seafood though. I pitty the fishes and sotong everytime I eat them... can't stop my tears... I have stop eating seafoods completly


So Netster, you must be a vegetarian then. A healthy lifestyle.