Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Bubble: Reflect, Renew & Revitalize

Early this year, I'd asked myself how hard it would be to achieve my resolutions for the year. At this point in time, we have exactly 6 more days before we bid our farewells to 2010 and how have I fared?

My conclusion?

An ability to achieve 9 out of 15 ain't bad. I would definitely say it wasn't that hard when focus and desire is adequately applied but I'm not going to be any harder on myself either for not achieving the rest because I'd lacked discipline in certain areas!

More importantly now ... how do I reinvent myself to maintain those that I've achieved and to get from here to;

1. Growing with God ... HE has gotten me through all the road blocks of doubt and fear and to grow, I must continuously seek to know Him in my own uncomplicated ways.

2. Be more accepting and less expecting ... remember, it's not all about me!

3. Listen more, speak less but to share endlessly ... I want to make a difference!

4. Be more creative ... writing, work, photography, exercise, cooking ... whatever I undertake!

5. Eat right and break my sweet-tooth ... I want to be fruitful and healthy till a ripe old age!

6. Say 'No' to junk-food!

7. Kill a couch potato wannabe ... too much TV!

8. Stop bullying ♥ 'lo kong' ... a little lesser that is!

Dear friends and fellow bloggers, got your new year resolutions in-check yet. It's a pretty fine time now to be working out a commitment to ourselves to reform our habits, attitude and lifestyles for a better year ahead.  When we've clarity and focus of our wants, it's a whole lot easier to attract them into our existence.

Let's be thankful for all that we've accomplished this year and fastened our seatbelts for another fun ride on the rollercoaster of life!


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