Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

It's been a peaceful and fruitful week. Now, it's time again to review my weekly list of gratitude.

Here goes my gratitude randomness;

1. I am grateful to have finally completed revamping my blog.

2. I am grateful for the speedy completion of several online assignments and the payments that came promptly.

3. I am grateful for the successful submission of 2 artworks to print flyers and business cards for a friend.

4. I am grateful for another new business opportunity offered by an old friend.

5. I am grateful that I'm on my way now to Singapore with hubby and friends to participate in the coming Singapore International Marathon tomorrow.

6. I am grateful that Nick has wholeheartedly committed to sent lo kong and myself to KLIA so early this morning at 6am.

Finally, I am also grateful for a new handphone (actually it's a secondhand unit but still relatively new). It was such an unexpected purchase, spur of the moment I would say but I am extremely satisfied with it. Regretfully, it's coming out from my own pocket.

Cheers to myself for another week well done!!!

Let's Be Thankful!

3 Bubbles:

I like the current layout of your blog, from a visual perspective.

But from reading perspective, I'm still used to the "everything on one page", but it's a small inconvenience.

You are here in Singapore for the Standard Chartered Marathon? Sweat more and have fun, Wenny!

Sounds like a great week, Wenny! Have fun in Singapore.

Thanks Guys!!! Anyway, I'm back home by now. Did enjoy myself very much with shooting, eating and shopping ... hehehe!!!