Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Fast, fast, really fast ... 7 days just flew by so quickly. Here goes another week's random list of my gratitude ...

1. I am grateful for the time spent, chatting up stories past and catching up on the latest with my ex-colleagues Lynn and Susan just a few days' ago.

2. I am grateful for the invisible force that drove me to attend church mass on a Friday afternoon ... it felt really good!

3. I am grateful for the awareness of several shortcomings in me that I've allowed to rear its ugly head lately.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Universe, to the Infinite Being for all the calm and enlightenment.

4 Bubbles:

A few short-comings got the best of me this week. I'n thankful to recognize it and I'll be more thankful when I've successfully dealt with them--maybe next week! =)

Have a great weekend.

weeiiiiii!!!! you chged your blog interface..... I LOIKEEEE!!!!!!

i've been upset this week, but reading your blog i think i need to be appreciative on certain things. thats what i like about you, you keep my perspective in life on track. dont ever stop.

aww your list is so inspiring!!! man, i fail to notice all the little things that happen to me. but thank you for reminding me that!!!

Awwwwww ... you all are so encouraging towards me. I'm so glad that I do make a difference for you all.

Let's all be thankful for everything that's appeared in our life ... I am grateful that I have found friendships in you all although we've never actually met in person.

Cheers to friendship!