Sunday, December 26, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

It has certainly been a week of PLENTIFUL for me! I am GLAD ... I am HAPPY ... I am HOPEFUL ... I am EXCITED ... and I have FAITH that it's going to be a great new year ahead as we complete the final week of 2010.

These are my random list of gratitude;

1. I am grateful for the fun day spent with a Little Angel {♥} who had popped in for a visit from Seremban.

2. I am thankful for the safe and enjoyable journey during our recent weekend holiday.

3. I am grateful for the wonderful hospitality rendered to my friends and myself during our getaway in Pulau Ketam and our palate discovery of nature's wonderous abundance over there.

4. I am grateful for the surprising spontaneity poured into my cooking and the enjoyment flashed over the faces of my guinea-pigs.

5. I am grateful for another Christmas and our unwavering conviction.

6. I am grateful for the excitement to greet 2011 that's just round the corner.

LIFE is just a magical adventure ... filled with many stories to be unfold, many lessons to be learnt and various doors to be opened that leads into a brand new world of our choice.

Let's be thankful for these opportunities and embrace them with open arms!

6 Bubbles:

I love to cook too, Wenny. But I don't always get the kind of good response from my guinea pigs. *blush*

Hahaha ... perhaps it's just pretense in order to get more of your cooking.

i am grateful to have you reminding me to be grateful when i needed most :D

I would love to hear more about #4.

Thank you for the positive reminders. =)

I'm glad to be of help, Lily. I am grateful that I've a friend in you and for your encouragements.

Hey Rick, you'd love to hear more of my creative spontaneity or the 'agonised expressions' of my guinea pigs ... kakaka!