Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Laughs: Honor Among Thieves!

Tim and Bill were standing in a bank when a pair of robbers entered the lobby.

Not only did the thieves clean out the tills, but they walked around with bags and ordered everyone to throw their valuables in.

Just as the thieves got to the pair, Tim turned to Bill and, passing him a bill, said, "By the way, Bill, here's that twenty bucks I owe you."

4 Bubbles:

ahhahaha.... i didnt see that coming.

wonk wonk. what kind of friend is that??? or did i misread it? correct me if im wrong!

It's a laugh Nico but unfortunately in reality, I've come across these ugly friends over and over ... geez, they're so disappointing!

Haha, that's a "good" thief.

In that case, we should have alot of people robbing the banks now, not many people want to owe money over the New Year. Haha.

Have a great day ahead, Wenny! ^_^