Friday, January 14, 2011

Law Of Attraction: Build Up the Energy!

Everything is energy and exists in each of the life areas you want to enjoy. The quality and quantity of energy really matters as it defines how a particular life area works for you.

While working on projects with people, their business, their romantic lives, etc., I have seen how something that has no energy, or is in negativity, can be built to show positive results. I also felt the need for and worked on articles and book(s) showing people how to manifest happy and successful lives as the Law of Attraction teachings that exist now are very beautiful but still don't show the complete picture on how to actually do it.

Training a person's mind to be successful is a skill in itself and when a person's mind becomes capable of thinking successfully he draws in wonderful experiences.

Just like a home has to be built from down up, your different life areas also have to be built, maintained and expanded.

What is needed is the feeling of navigating towards the life that you really want.

Do you feel as if you are walking and even flying towards what you really want? The kind of life that you will like to lead is waiting for you!

As you get familiar with the Law of Attraction, and the ways of the Universe you will see that what you want is really there, if you can conceptualize it.

If you can see it, feel it, touch it, even if in your mind; then it is there for you. And as you call forth that energy, it comes into your reality for your experience.

Enjoy a smile as you sense that what you want is already there waiting.

I love the Law of Attraction, because it opens so many doors. As each contrasting experience serves to get you to realize even more of what you would really like, it takes a certain skill to let go of the contrast and focus on what you really want to experience.

There are ways to do this; there are ways to build up your life into what you want. I don't know if you have seen the Secret Riches Visualization tool on my website. Every time I watch it, I find that my gaze sharpens and what my gaze sharpens upon is what my brain is getting wired to see into actual happening. As I see things that I like, I start to attract likeness of it into my life, and the likeness solidifies into actuality as I enjoy it more and more.

It is great to be a Master Manifestor, but what is it that you need to be a Master Manifestor?

There are many qualities that will come up as you train to be a Master Manifestor, one of which is perseverance. The Universe likes someone with this quality.

Some may call it stubbornness (not a very polite thing to do) but if someone does call you stubborn, instead of getting upset, smile and think to yourself "Ahh but I will be enjoying whatever I want cause this quality in me helps me do it." And then of course if you feel that you are being stubborn unnecessarily to your own disadvantage, then let go, but you can have the consolation of knowing that this quality will help you if directed in the right way, and in a manner useful to you.

I personally love the word 'Master Manifestor'. I love it when I tell a client "You are becoming a Master Manifestor" (as we get into our sessions) and then I say "You are Master Manifestor."

How do I know it? I observe their thought patterns and what is being created.

Each situation requires a particular thought or line of thought that shifts it. The thoughts have to be skillful, clever and powerful. The right thoughts can shift the most difficult of blocks.

As a person's thought process changes, you can see if they are on their way to being a Master Manifestor, and are then that!

Meanwhile even while you are becoming a Master Manifestor (you may already be one and just don't know it yet) keep building up the energy of whatever you want to see happen, enjoying the process of doing so.

Authored by Sugandhi Iyer, Coach, Life Business Creations,
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The Law of Attraction is a real experience. I have changed many different areas of my life with it.

Yes, it is indeed. I discovered it when I was at my lowest ebb and realized how it has helped me during the peaks of life ... today I'm continually learning to help me in my personal development.