Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Bubble: Live & Love This God-Given Life ...

It's been quite a hectic past week I must say. With 2 freelance projects running simultaneously, I have to admit that I had been under a whole lot of stress. Ask Lo Kong and Nick, they'll probably endorsed it HARD & LOUD! The one most affected had to be Nick, who inadvertently stepped into the receiving end ... many many times.

Finally, I've submitted what I'm required to do with some remnants for completion next week. Ahhhhhh ... I can breathe easy now and catch some entertainment on Astro TV. I have been missing a lot of my favorite shows lately.

Anyway, I managed to catch the American Idol 10 re-run a few hours ago. After taking delight in the talented performances of the aspiring singers as well as the squirms in between for those (I wonder where they put their faces after their horrendous performances on TV) who has no talent whatsover, it was Chris Medina's turn. He was the last candidate at the Milwaukee audition. He definitely can sing and reminded me so much of Andrew Garcia from the last season but what moved me was his personal story that brought tears to my eyes ... lots of it actually!

I found out later that he has become the most famous face on American Idol. The barista had shared about his fiancee, Julia Ramos who had been involved in a car accident just 2 months before their wedding. As a result, she suffered brain damage. They have been together for 8 years and he's steadfast in his vow of 'through sickness and in health' as he takes care of her with her Mom. He certainly proved that there is such a thing as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

As all the judges walked up to say hello to Julia, it was just as touching to see Steven Tyler tenderly whispered in her ears, "The reason why he's singing so good is because he’s singing to you.”

Watching the before and after pictures of Julia, reminded me that life should not be taken for granted. Love and live this God-given life to fullest. Remember to be thankful for all the good that we have now and learn from the bad that frustrates us now as tomorrow may changed without any notice.

See out the words ... "I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!" 

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