Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Bubble: Online Match 3 Games

No new assignments?! No new projects to do??!!
Suddenly it had all dried up! Must be the holiday season I had consoled myself ... hahaha!!!

Funny, I can become so uninspired, so lethargic when there's no articles to write and no books to read. Despite waking up almost at 10am the past few days, I still felt so lazy and sleepy. It was such a chore to drag myself to the gym. Astro TV was of no help ... playing all the old movies and reruns. Bad ... it was certainly BAD!!!

After finishing up the home chores, plopped myself in front of my laptop as usual. Checked out the world news online, catch-up on my regular blog-friends, update my blog and facebook and that's it, I'm free again.

Never one who's into those online games like Cafe World, Farm Ville or Mafia Wars on facebook, I'm certainly not going to start on any there. Browsing aimlessly around the web, games sites kept popping up as if drawing the bear to honey. Oh well, what the heck!  I randomly clicked Online Match 3 Games, thinking that there are only 3 games to be played.  I was so wrong!  
There was a bunch of Match 3 Games there from puzzle quests to treasure hunts to war games such as Jewel Search, Fishdom, Magic Ville, Pizza Chef, Family Farm and many other likes. Tried out the Jewel Search, then Slime Army, then Fishdom and Bloxxy but somehow, I'm just not much of a gamer.  Got bored after a few hours.  I guess I'm lucky to be those who won't to get hooked on computer games unlike lo kong and Nick.  

Just in case I might want to try again in the near future, I went on to download Match 3 Games.  What a laugh that I'm playing online games ... there's still some kid inside huh?

I went on to iron all the clothes in the laundry basket ... felt more constructive and at least managed to burn some calories along with it!

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Haha, how do you all do it? Resisting the urge to game. =p